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Marks, certifications, technologies used.

The great aim of Education is not Knowledge, but Action

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Duration: 2014 - Present

Course: BE (Computer Engineering)

University: Pune University

Marks: 73.4% (as of Sixth Semester)

Duration: 2012 - 2014

Board: Class 12th HSC

Marks: 78%

Duration: 2002 - 2012

Board: Class 10th SSC

Marks: 89.81%

School topper in Marathi language


A Python library created to help students learn the implementation of Data Structures and all the major Algorithms.

A Surveillance system created using IoT for sending alerts to authenticated when any unauthenticated person enters your premises

Simple password evaluator which tells you the strength of your password based on previously generated dataset.

My BE project that detects the garbage levels and volume of a bin and alerts the administrator when it is about to be full.

A simple project that demonstrates how you can make a term similarity finder using ML techniques like TF-IDF and Nearest Neighbours

A simple note taking web app using Flask and Python. Many features such as REST api to get data, AJAX searching for quick note searching.

This website, which is created using Full Stack web development techniques such as PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and JS


Forget birthdays of your loved ones? Don't worry its time to wish them all. This script will remind you of the birthdays that you have already stored.

Are you into Competitive programming like me? Then you must be storing your solved questions too. This script will help you to download all the codechef problem statements with ease.

Worried about forgetting something? Try this app. It creates, reads, updates notes that you create. Best part? If you specify the time, it will automatically send you an email about the reminder.


These are the technologies I have worked with throughout my curriculum

I am a Python enthusiast who loves to code in Python. I have completed several mini projects using Python, Django and Flask.

PHP is the language in which this website is built on. I have also worked with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax and JQuery.

This saves a lot of my time! I regularly use Bootstrap framework for my front-end projects.

499 of 500 super computers in the world run on Linux. Rest is self-explanatory.

I am a huge fan of Git version control system. I love to contribute to open source projects. It's like Yoga for programmers.

Okay, I am not a huge fan of C and C++ - but where the Python speed fails - C and C++ come to my rescue.

These are the web frameworks I love to work with. The power of Python and exceptional speed makes it a preferable tool for web developers.

Laravel is a PHP framework used to ease the work. I learnt this during my internship at SofttestLab.

Databases are the core of any web app. MySQL is my preferred database due to its simplicity.


Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward.

-Vernon Law

Worked as a Web Developer intern. Mostly worked on creating reports using PHP and Excel. Was responsible for making a live project for software testing purposes for the company, which are created using Laravel framework.

Working as technical writer for various topics such as Data Structures and Algorithms, Python. Have already published 4 articles.

Working on data scraping and data gathering. Applying Machine Learning techniques for sentiment analysis and text classification.